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leaf (leaves)

Node without subtrees
self._subtrees == []

internal value

  • _Nodes is not leaf

children / parent

  • Nodes immediately beneath / above self

descendants / ancestors

  • children / parent 's children / parent recursively
  • 子子孙孙召唤 / 先祖召唤

predecessor / successor

  • predecessor is the maximum value in its left subtree
  • successor is the minimum value in its right subtree


  • max length from root to leaf

branching factor

  • number of children at each node
  • 分支系数

arity (binary / 3-ary)

  • max branching factor in the tree
  • 一个tree最多有多少分支, 一个3分支的tree就叫3ary tree

depth / level

  • distance between itself and the root of the tree
  • convention: root at depth 0 (sometimes at 1)


  • maximum number of Nodes at a fixed depth


  • the relationship between Nodes
  • 就是连接node的线, 一条线就是一个edge


  • number of edges
  • 一个node下面有多少关系线

full binary tree / complete binary tree

A full binary tree (sometimes proper binary tree or 2-tree) is a tree in which every node other than the leaves has two children.
A complete binary tree is a binary tree in which every level, except possibly the last, is completely filled, and all nodes are as far left as possible.

Tree Traversals

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Binary Search Tree

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